Obama signs bill ensuring funding for disability centers

President Obama on Thursday signed legislation designed to provide adequate funding for the nation's independent living centers, which cater to those with disabilities.

The bill takes steps to prevent temporary funds included in last year's economic stimulus law from artificially altering the baselines used to determine annual funding levels for those centers. That stimulus funding had threatened to make some centers eligible for too much money in future years, while leaving other facilities lacking sufficient funds. 

Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.), chairman of the House Committee on Education and Labor and sponsor of the bill, said the law "goes a long way toward ensuring independent living centers do not have to reduce services for people with disabilities."

"In many areas, independent living centers are the primary provider of services in a community for people with disabilities," Miller said Friday in a statement. "Staff at these centers work to empower people with disabilities with choices and the opportunities to help themselves live more independent lives."