Reid expected to table Medicaid extension

Cash-strapped states won't be able to sigh in relief just yet.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is expected shortly to ask the Senate to table a bill that would have extended enhanced federal Medicaid payments to states for six months. The $16.1 billion Medicaid provision is paid for but is part of a larger education and public safety jobs bill.

Reid filed for cloture on the bill Thursday but the Congressional Budget Office helped doom it on Monday when it said it would increase the deficit by almost $5 billion.

"Earlier today CBO informed us that the score did not turn out as we intended," reads a message from the Senate leadership. "Certain spending cuts did not produce the savings needed.

"Therefore, we expect Senator Reid to soon ask consent to modify the pending amendment so that it is indeed budget neutral. 

"We expect Republicans to object to that request. If they do, Sen. Reid will move to table the pending motion to concur and offer a new amendment. 

"That amendment will fund hundreds of thousands of jobs and will be fully paid for according to CBO."

If, as expected, Reid refiles for cloture, a vote on the Medicaid FMAP (federal medical assistance percentages) extension will be delayed until Wednesday at the earliest.