Morning Health

NEW MEDICAID/CHIP REGS: Final rule on payment error rate measurement in Medicaid and CHIP programs published in the Federal Register this morning:

In brief: As called for in last year's Children's Health Insurance Program reauthorization, the new rule changes the process for reviewing cases in which states have used simplified enrollment efforts such as self-declaration for eligibility cases; eliminates duplication of effort between eligibility reviews administered in the same fiscal year; extends the timeframe for providers to submit documentation; and provides states additional time to submit corrective action plans.

MINE BLAST UPDATE: Mine safety regulators brief reporters in the morning on latest findings in April's deadly explosion at Upper Big Branch Mine in West Virginia.

Background: The telephone conference call comes as mine owner Massey Energy is claiming vindication after new findings reveal monitors showing methane rush weren't tampered with:

MSHA's response: "While some of the methane monitoring equipment has been examined, the question of tampering with these monitors is still a matter of investigation."

On the call: U.S. Assistant Secretary of Labor for the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Joseph Main and MSHA Coal Administrator Kevin Stricklin.

Ironic twist: Federal and state mine officials had to evacuate the mine Tuesday during their investigation, the Wall Street Journal reports:

STATE MEDICAID HELP PRAISED: Advocates and provider groups heap praise on lawmakers after Congress passes $16 billion boost in federal Medicaid funds. A smattering:

National Association of Chain Drug Stores:

American Hospital Association:

National Community Pharmacists Association:

SINGLE-PAYER OUTRAGE: After White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said some left-wing critics "ought to be drug tested," Jon Walker on FireDogLake asks: Was Obama using before he became president?

Gibbs's original comments to The Hill: