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EARLY RETIREES: The Department of Health and Human Services is set to make an announcement regarding the healthcare reform law's early retiree grant program.

About the grants: The healthcare reform law set aside $5 billion that businesses, unions and state and local governments can use to cover the healthcare costs of their retirees — and their spouses and dependents — who are older than 55 but don't yet qualify for Medicare.

HHS started taking applications in May. Read the story:

MEDICAID: A new report by the Urban Institute suggests the healthcare reform law's Medicaid expansion may not break the bank because the newly eligible won't be as sick as the current Medicaid population.

States concerned: Many state officials — particularly Republicans — argue expanding Medicaid to cover everyone to up to 133 percent of the poverty level will strain state budgets to the breaking point, even though the federal government will cover 90 percent of the expansion over the long run.

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