In Florida, Sebelius lobbies seniors on health reform

The Obama administration's top health official was in Florida Friday touting the benefits of the new health reform law to a group most likely to vote in November's midterms: senior citizens. 

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius conceded that the sweeping reforms are a great deal to digest, but she blamed much of the public's confusion on the misleading statements of Republicans through the initial debate and now on the campaign trail. The many consumer benefits under the law, she added, have often been overshadowed. 

"With so much else on Americans' minds and a 24-hour news cycle that gets louder every day, it's been hard for those very facts to break through," Sebelius told members of the AARP in Orlando, according to The Associated Press. "The reality of what's in the law begins to collide with some of the outrageous claims that people have been making."

Sebelius was in Florida primarily to announce the administration's apology for STD research conducted on unwitting Guatemalans in the 1940s.