Debate over Obama's birthplace excluded from health reform lawsuit

Whatever the arguments for contesting the government's ability to force Americans to buy insurance, groundless questions about President Obama's birthplace isn't one of them, a federal judge in Virginia ruled this week.

Judge Henry Hudson on Wednesday denied petitioner Eve Ellingwood's motion to intervene in Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's lawsuit against the health reform law. Ellingwood's motion argues that the "illegally obtained alleged" healthcare law is "illegal and void" because Obama wasn't born in the United States.

Her main exhibit: A tabloid Globe story from August 2010 revealing "shocking proof" that Obama was born in Kenya.

"The most important reason for my request for Intervention is the fact that Barack Obama is an illegal president," Ellingwood argues in her motion. "Therefore, any and all actions which have been made, and/or are proposed to be made by him, are null and void."

Ellingwood is a retired administrative law judge for the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. She was also a quixotic 2008 candidate for Congress who was beaten in the Republican primary for Nevada's 1st congressional district.

In her rambling motion, Ellingwood explains that she "loves all people - Black, jewish, asian, white, native and any and all others" and that "this litigation is being prosecuted to correct extreme wrongs caused by bad people from any of those people."

She goes on to argue Obama has been giving "his staff's cronies in Wall Street" billions of dollars "by lying and calling it stimulus money" and that her "life has been threatened not to tell this story." 

Cuccinelli filed his lawsuit on March 23, the day Obama signed healthcare reform into law. Hudson has decided to allow the lawsuit to go forward.