Senate postpones food-safety bill vote

Senate leaders have agreed to postpone a vote on two amendments and final passage of food-safety legislation until Tuesday morning, congressional sources tell The Hill.

The move would give Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) time to debate the merits of his two amendments to the legislation. One amendment is a stripped-down substitute to the bill — the other is a moratorium on congressionally directed appropriations.

"A morning vote is the right move," a spokesman for Coburn told The Hill. "Reid would be sending the wrong message to have a late night vote on keeping the lights on at the earmark favor factory."

Votes on two other amendments to repeal the healthcare reform law's 1099 tax reporting requirements are still scheduled for Monday evening.

The Senate bill would give the Food and Drug Administration the power to recall tainted food, quarantine geographic areas and access food producers’ records.

The House passed its version of food-safety legislation in July 2009. House leaders say the lower chamber could pass the Senate bill as is during this lame-duck session in order to get the bill to the president's desk before a new Congress is sworn in.