Incoming rep. will decline congressional health insurance

Rep.-elect Bill Johnson (R-Ohio) said he will turn down Congressional health insurance when his new job starts, according to an announcement Friday morning on his website.

Johnson, who said Republicans must focus on repealing the healthcare law, said members of Congress “shouldn’t have access to premium health care benefits when millions of Americans are struggling just to make ends meet.”

“I oppose ObamaCare because government-controlled healthcare will create more debt and huge bureaucracy,” Johnson said. “We need to reverse the government takeover of our healthcare, and we should adopt common sense, patient-centered, private sector solutions like making healthcare portable from job to job and state to state, tort reform, and promoting health savings accounts.”

Johnson's announcement comes as Democrats said Friday they will target newly elected Republicans opting for government-backed healthcare plans after campaigning against the healthcare reform.

A survey released two weeks ago found the majority of voters want congressional opponents of healthcare reform to decline government-provided healthcare coverage when they take office. Two other incoming GOP congressmen, Bobby Schilling (Ill.) and Mike Kelly (Pa.), have already vowed to refuse congressional health insurance.