GOP senator: Funding bill a 'Trojan horse' for healthcare reform

A Republican senator criticized the continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government through next year as a vehicle for funding the healthcare reform law.

"Using the end-of-the-year spending bill as a Trojan horse to fund the new federal healthcare law is hardly the mandate from the November elections," said Sen. Tom CoburnTom CoburnFreedom Caucus saved Paul Ryan's job: GOP has promises to keep Don't be fooled: Carper and Norton don't fight for DC Coburn: Trump's tweets aren't presidential MORE (R-Okla.) in a statement Thursday.

The House passed the CR on Wednesday night by a narrow margin, bringing the government one step closer to being funded through Sept. 30.

However, Coburn said, the CR includes funding for a number of provisions in the reform law, and he urged other members who campaigned on defunding the healthcare reform measure to oppose the CR.

"It’s time for Congress to extend current tax rates, pass a clean spending bill — a ‘continuing resolution’ — without extraneous and vague healthcare provisions, and go home," he said.