Report: Florida returns second reform grant

Following a federal judge’s ruling this week that struck down the entire healthcare reform law, Florida is returning a second federal grant to implement the overhaul, according to local reports.

This time, the state is giving back a $1 million federal grant to plan a system where consumers can compare health plan prices, the Miami Herald reports. Earlier this week, the state also rejected a $1 million rate review grant.

The Monday ruling by a federal judge in Florida was the first to throw out the entire reform law. Another judge in Virginia had struck down the law’s requirement for individuals to purchase insurance, while two federal judges have upheld the so-called individual mandate. More than a dozen cases have also been thrown out on standing, including another in Mississippi on Thursday.

The competing court rulings have prompted some confusion in states that oppose the reform law, but Florida has so far been the only state to return funding for the law. Other states are trying to determine if they must continue to implement the law before the Supreme Court is expected to decide on it.

The implementation confusion prompted some lawmakers and attorneys general to call on the Supreme Court to step in and render a quick verdict on the reform law. However, the Obama administration has said so far that it wants the challenges to play out through the normal appeals process.