House Republicans propose new piecemeal strategy to repeal healthcare reform

To be sure, removing any one of those provisions won't be easy when the Senate and White House remain in Democrats' hands. Even when both parties were on the same page with regards to eliminating the healthcafre law's 1099 tax-reporting requirement, bills to do so failed time and again because of disagreements over how to replace the lost revenue.

Norquist acknowledged the concern, but said offsetting the tax repeals with spending cuts elsewhere was the answer.

Some conservative groups have advocated against any such piecemeal legislation because doing so could improve the law and make it more palatable to voters without addressing its fundamental core.

"I'd rather have 20 guys with 20 projects all moving forward than one big one" that's stuck in the Senate, Norquist said, adding that any incremental progress will create more momentum for Republicans to press forward with repeal.

Norquist's list is broader than straight tax increases and includes provisions, such as informing workers of the value of their employer-provided health benefits, that some experts think should help people make more cost-conscious healthcare choices.