White House blasts healthcare report as 'starkly at odds with history'

Carney noted that the healthcare reform enacted in Massachusetts, an obstacle in Republican former Gov. Mitt Romney's efforts to unseat Obama, used "a similar structure" to the Democratic healthcare plan "with an exchange, a personal responsibility requirement and an employer responsibility requirement."

"And the number of individuals with employer-sponsored insurance in Massachusetts has increased," Carney said. "We are confident the Affordable Care Act will strengthen our existing system, employer-based system going forward.  So we simply just disagree with those conclusions."

Carney's comments echo points made in a blog post on the White House website written by Deputy Chief of Staff Nancy-Ann DeParle.

Ways and Means Republicans latched on to the report in their Prescription Pad blog, pointing out that this is the third report in a few weeks to conclude that many Americans might not be able to keep their coverage if they like it, as President Obama repeatedly promised before signing healthcare reform into law.

"Three reports in three weeks by highly respected independent experts — each one reaching the same conclusion: the Democrats' health care law has made health care coverage more expensive and threatens to destroy the ability to 'keep the coverage you have and like,'" the blog reads.