McKinsey stands by healthcare survey

The consulting firm McKinsey says it didn't intend to make economic predictions in its controversial report that said 30 percent of businesses will likely drop their health benefits because of healthcare reform.

Following weeks of criticism and public pressure from Democrats, McKinsey released details about the survey on Monday. The firm said it stands by its survey as well as its findings — but it also sought to reframe the study, saying it was simply a measure of employers' attitudes.

"The survey was not intended as a predictive economic analysis of the impact of the Affordable Care Act," McKinsey said in a statement. "Rather, it captured the attitudes of employers and provided an understanding of the factors that could influence decision making related to employee health benefits."

Republicans leapt at McKinsey's initial findings, which said new mandates under healthcare reform would lead 30 percent of businesses to drop their coverage. But Democrats immediately raised questions about the survey's reliability, and have pressed McKinsey to release its methodology.

The firm released its survey questions, as well as the responses, on Monday.