PETA unveils graphic meat warnings

The animal rights' group PETA on Friday unveiled three graphic images it proposes to slap on meat products to remind carnivores of the health consequences of their diet.

The images are modeled after new graphic warnings that the Food and Drug Administration is requiring on cigarette packs starting next year. PETA's version includes photos of an operation and people on respirators, and come with a toll free number where people can get recipes and order a vegetarian starter kit.

The labels were created by PETA's youth division, peta2. They're aimed at people who want to remind their meat-eating friends and relatives that consuming animal-derived products has been linked to increased risk for heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Peta2 "has created its own brand-new labels to get the point across that while smoking is bad for you, so is meat," the group said on its blog. "Print them out and stick them on the ribs, chicken, steak, and beef in your refrigerator to urge your family to ditch the TV dinners for tofu and toss the bacon for seitan."

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