GOP asked to return federal health benefits

A pro-healthcare reform group is publicly demanding that lawmakers from eight battleground states return their government health insurance after they voted for GOP legislation to overhaul Medicare's payment system.

The liberal Protect Your Care is partnering with unions and other allies to stage events throughout the week in state capitols and district offices in Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio and Wisconsin. The participants will deliver a foam board "return receipt" inviting the lawmakers to seek insurance on their own in the private insurance market.

"Anyone who voted for the Republican budget that ends Medicare should put their money where their mouth is by signing our 'return receipt' for their government insurance and go out on their own into the private market," Protect Your Care spokesman Eddie Vale said in a statement. "If they refuse to sign, it's proof they're blatant hypocrites who would take away Medicare from seniors while keeping their own government insurance."

The overhaul would replace the current Medicare system with payments to private insurers, and seniors would choose insurance plans from the private market. 

The Republican proposal would affect people who are currently under the age of 55, including former members of Congress.