House Democrats expect debate on ending Bush tax cuts as part of deficit talks

"Our understanding (is) it's the options that House Dems believe are on the table, so it is likely to boil down to semantics but it sure seems to me like they are tee-ing them up," said a lobbyist who has seen the list.

A Ways and Means staffer however said the list amounts to nothing more than an analysis of options that are expected to come up.

The list, obtained by The Hill from several different sources, includes longtime liberal demands including an end to the Bush era tax cuts and a 5.4 percent surcharge on families earning more than $1 million per year, which was part of the House-passed healthcare reform law. Also included is a return to 2009 parameters for the estate tax and decreasing how much high-income taxpayers can deduct from taxes to 5 percent.

Other proposals include: 

• Treating day-to-day dealer activities and certain investment profits as ordinary income;

• Imposing a consistent "fair market value" for estates;

• Ending special depreciations for corporate jets; and 

• Reclaiming passports for citizens whose back taxes exceed $100,000.

Separately, Ways and Means Democrats put together a list of proposals to reduce healthcare spending.