News bites: Regulators double down on food safety

The Department of Agriculture plans to add six types of E. coli bacteria to its list of adulterants barred from raw beef sold in stores despite protests from the meat industry, The Wall Street Journal reports

The decision comes as the agency started using more sensitive tests to detect antibiotics in pork, the Journal reports.

Energy and Commerce Republicans want federal regulators to start over on proposed voluntary guidance to restrict some food advertising to children.

An ounce of prevention can be a ton of trouble for elderly patients, Kaiser Health News reports.

The nation's actuaries want the supercommittee to tackle the growth of national healthcare costs — not just the government's share, reports Kaiser.

The healthcare law will add more than $6.4 billion in costs to franchise businesses and put 3.2 million jobs at risk, says a new report prepared for the International Franchise Association.

High cholesterol has been linked to Alzheimer's risk, Bloomberg reports.

The Federation of American Hospitals wants the IRS to ease the burden of its coming 3 percent withholding tax, which applies to nearly all contract payments — including Medicare.