News bites: Olive Garden cuts calories, ‘RomneyCare’ is linked to jobs toll and TV doc acts irresponsibly

Olive Garden and Red Lobster are cutting calories and resizing portions after Darden Restaurants struck a deal with the first lady's "Let's Move!" anti-obesity initiative, NPR reports.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's Massachusetts healthcare law cost the state more than 18,000 jobs, says a new conservative study reviewed by the Boston Herald.

The study is available here.

The Food and Drug Administration calls Dr. Mehmet Oz's report on arsenic in apple juice "irresponsible and misleading," MedPage Today reports.

Medical reporting critic Gary Schwitzer blasts Oz's alarmism and rips into Fox's Manny Alvarez while he's at it.

Federal regulators agree "in principle" with Texas's proposed Medicaid overhaul, Kaiser Health News scoops.

A Tacoma News Tribune op-ed blasts Washington state's new restrictive list of emergencies covered by Medicaid.

Princeton economist Uwe Reinhardt analyzes the role of prices in healthcare spending at The New York Times.

Massachusetts hospital operator Steward Health Care System will launch a new insurance plan that requires consumers to use it for nearly all routine healthcare needs, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Forbes applauds a challenge to patent protections for abstract ideas, including on "what amounts to facts about the human body."

Meet William Halsted, cocaine addict and father of modern U.S. surgery, courtesy of the New York Review of Books.