News bites: Healthcare entitlement fight ramps up

President Obama's deficit proposal to be unveiled this week will include "significant savings in Medicare and Medicaid," reports The Washington Post.

Liberal groups are warning that deep entitlement cuts won't fly, the Christian Science Monitor reports.

The military's generous health benefits are also on the table as lawmakers seek to slash the deficit, reports The New York Times.

State insurance commissioners are trying to head off any proposals by the deficit supercommittee to raise co-sharing for beneficiaries with supplemental Medigap policies, reports Kaiser Health News.

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche has stopped delivering cancer and other drugs to Greek state-funded hospitals that don't pay their bills, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Doctors cited in pharmaceutical kickback cases invariably stay off the hook, reports ProPublica.

A group of 137 rural and community hospitals have sued HHS to recoup $86.5 million in Medicare payments and change the reimbursement formula for small hospitals, reports Becker's Hospital Review.

Public schools are struggling to accommodate children with "hidden disabilities," reports The Wall Street Journal.