News bites: Embryonic stem-cell ruling appealed

Opponents of human embryonic stem-cell research asked a federal appeals court to reverse a judge's ruling that the U.S. may continue to fund experiments in the field, Bloomberg reports.

Lawmakers' bid to hit providers with Medicare and Medicaid cuts without harming patients is no easy fix, writes The New York Times.

California lawmakers are mulling stronger vaccine regulations, The Associated Press reports.

Employers are shifting disability coverage costs onto their workers, the same pattern that has emerged with medical insurance, reports Kaiser Health News.

Medical practices cut general operating expenditures 2.2 percent in 2010 in anticipation of sharp cuts, according to the Medical Group Management Association. The group warns that's not always a good thing.

World leaders at the first-ever United Nations General Assembly meeting on chronic diseases pledged to take wide-ranging action to prevent millions of deaths from cancer, diabetes and heart and lung disease by tackling the key causes — smoking, excessive drinking, lack of exercise and unhealthy diets, The Associated Press reports.

Computers that scan doctors' notes can help reduce dangerous complications after surgery, says the Veterans Affairs Department.