News bites: Administration to decide whether to fast-track health law challenge to Supreme Court

The Obama administration's decision today on whether to appeal the 11th Circuit Court's ruling on the healthcare law to the full court could determine whether the Supreme Court weighs in before the 2012 elections, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Kaiser Health News partners with McClatchy to examine the rise of children's hospitals in the first of a three-part series on the "big-money world of kids' care."

Advocates are worried that autism won't make the list of federally approved "essential health benefits" under the healthcare reform law, writes Kaiser Health News.

Politico Pro reports on the four questions to ask about the healthcare law waivers (subscription required).

A sprawling, $25 million Miami-Dade home healthcare racket fueled by bribes and kickbacks has implicated 54 doctors, nurses, operators and recruiters, reports the Miami Herald.

Another TV segment for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month gets a failing grade from