data center back online

A data center vital to the operation of that went down late Sunday appeared to be back up Monday morning.

Verizon’s Terremark runs the data center, and experienced a connectivity issue that prevented Americans across the country from enrolling in the health insurance.

The data center lost its connection to, which hosts Obamacare’s insurance marketplace, and prevented marketplaces from linking to federal agencies. 

Consumers couldn't apply for healthcare coverage or determine their eligibility because of the outage. 

Visitors on Monday morning saw a message that read, “We have a lot of visitors on the site right now. Please stay on this page.” 

“We're working to make the experience better, and we don’t want you to lose your place in line. We’ll send you to the login page as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience!” the message continues.

Visitors were eventually directed to the log-in page. 

A spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Human Services said Sunday Secretary Sebelius spoke with Verizon’s CEO to discuss the situation, according to multiple reports. 

The malfunction was just the latest problem HHS has had to deal with since they rolled out the online insurance marketplace Oct. 1. 

Sebelius will testify Wednesday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee about’s technical trouble. 

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