News bites: HPV vaccine tied to 26 deaths over past year

Judicial Watch uncovers FDA records detailing 26 new reported deaths from adverse reactions to the human papillomavirus vaccine over the past year.

An HHS official vowed that there will be a federal health exchange up and running in 2014, CQ Healthbeat reports, despite questions over funding sources: "There's been a lot of backing and forthing in the press saying the feds won't do it, it's not going to happen, we don't have the ability," the deputy director of the HHS agency implementing the law told a healthcare conference sponsored by the American Bar Association. "Well, I'm here to tell you all of that isn't true."

The FDA blamed conditions at a cantaloupe-packing facility for the deadliest foodborne illness outbreak in 25 years, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Abortion-rights foes, Kaiser Health News reports, are turning their focus to the "supply side" of the equation: the doctors, hospitals and clinics that provide the services.

The Department of Veterans Affairs spends nearly three times as much on services for vets with mental illness or substance abuse than on those without such conditions, The Washington Post reports.

Abbott Laboratories is splitting its drug and medical product businesses in the face of growing pricing pressure and looming patent expirations in the pharmaceutical sector, The Wall Street Journal reports.