Ayotte: O-Care repeal 'not going to happen'

Sen. Kelly AyotteKelly Ann AyotteAudit finds US Defense Department wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars US sends A-10 squadron to Afghanistan for first time in three years No, the US did not spend million on a gas station in Afghanistan MORE (R-N.H.) said despite her support for the repeal of ObamaCare, it’s not possible to do now.

In an appearance Monday on “CBS This Morning,” Ayotte was asked if the healthcare law should be repealed.

“I support repeal, absolutely. But the political reality is, right now that’s not going to happen,” she replied.

“There are significant problems; let’s convene a bipartisan group and say, 'How do we get this right for healthcare and the country,' ” she added.

During the 16-day government shutdown last month, Ayotte said she stood up to the GOP, and criticized her Republican colleagues for employing the wrong strategy.

Republican lawmakers stood firm on their push to defund the president’s healthcare law in the new fiscal budget.

“I would like us to take a complete time out, and let’s work together,” Ayotte said on CBS News.

The Obama administration has been battling heavy blowback from Republicans because of ObamaCare’s rocky rollout.

Since its insurance exchanges launched Oct. 1, HealthCare.gov has experienced numerous technical problems. Health and Human Services officials are aiming to have the website fixed by Nov. 30.

Insurance companies have also reportedly been sending some of their subscribers cancellation notices because of the law’s new guidelines.

In President Obama’s initial sales pitches for ObamaCare, he promised if Americans liked their insurance plans, they could keep it.

Obama tweaked those comments last week.