275,000 to be invited to try HealthCare.gov again

About 275,000 people across the country will receive emails over the next week inviting them to return to HealthCare.gov and sign up for insurance.

Those people were “stuck” in the open enrollment process on the ObamaCare website after it first launched Oct. 1, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services revealed Tuesday.

CMS began sending out the email notices on Tuesday, now that issues related to creating accounts on the site have been resolved. The quarter of a million people who previously failed to create accounts will receive invitations back to the site.

The agency has been providing regular updates on fixes to the website. 

“The initial wave over the next week are approximately 275,000 emails,” said CMS spokeswoman Julie Bataille on Tuesday’s phone call with reporters. “Those are the individuals who were stuck creating an account in the first phase of open enrollment.” 

The Obama administration is “actively working” to release the highly anticipated report documenting full enrollment figures for ObamaCare this week, Bataille reiterated.

Over the weekend, CMS says it installed two large-scale storage units to improve HealthCare.gov’s hardware and software.

A few new elements were also introduced to the website, the agency reports, including options for consumers to save or remove documents, alerts to help guide visitors and simplified out-of-state residency information.

Speculation has swirled about whether the administration could meet the Nov. 30 deadline it set to have the ObamaCare website running smoothly, or if it would be pushed back.

“Our plan remains the same,” Bataille said. “Let me make clear. By the end of November, the site will work much better for the vast majority of users.”