Poll: Most uninsured dissatisfied with O-Care exchange experience

A majority of uninsured people who have visited a federal or state health insurance exchange website said they were unhappy with their experience, according to a Gallup poll released Wednesday.

Sixty-three percent say their time on the websites was negative, according to a Gallup found. That group includes 30 percent who say it was “very negative.” 

By contrast, the poll found 34 percent who say their experience was positive, with five percent calling it “very positive.” 

The poll was conducted between Oct. 23 and Nov. 18, Gallup said.

The survey results, Gallup says, show eight in 10 uninsured people have not visited a health insurance exchange website at all. 

More people, 28 percent, visited the federal exchange website, while 14 percent reported it was a state exchange. Eighteen percent said they visited both, and 36 percent said they were unsure which type of exchange they viewed.

The poll comes as the Obama administration tries to repair the rocky ObamaCare rollout. Health and Human Services officials are working quickly to have the federal exchange website, HealthCare.gov, working smoothly for most users by the Nov. 30 deadline.  

HealthCare.gov launched Oct. 1, and has since faced numerous technical setbacks. President Obama has acknowledged the initial implementation was “fumbled.”

The administration said last week that 106,185 people enrolled in ObamaCare in October. Less than 27,000 signed up using HealthCare.gov — numbers far lower than original projections.