ObamaCare enrollment hits 75K in New York

Around 28,000 New Yorkers enrolled in ObamaCare over the past two weeks, the state’s health department announced.

There are now 76,177 New York residents enrolled in the healthcare program, up from 48,162 on Nov. 12.

It’s unclear how many of the enrollees signed up for Medicaid, the government’s health program for low-income individuals, as opposed to private health insurance.

Over the same two-week period, 60,403 completed applications for ObamaCare. A total of 257,414 New York have now applied, according to the health department. 

New York is among 14 states running their own exchange marketplace rather than opting into the federal portal, HealthCare.gov.

California is another state with its own site, and its exchange last week said nearly 80,000 people chose a private health plan under ObamaCare.

The Obama administration has been eager to tout some state sign-up numbers as it has struggled to fix the federal site.

Earlier this month, the Obama administration disclosed 106,185 people enrolled in ObamaCare in October. Less than 27,000 of them were able to enroll on the federal website.

Officials are still repairing the federal portal as they approach the administration's Nov. 30 deadline on Saturday. By that time, they hope most visitors to HealthCare.gov will be able to navigate it without trouble.