Poll: Uninsured have mixed views on O-Care

Uninsured Americans are split on whether ObamaCare will help or hurt them and the healthcare system as a whole, a sign of ongoing doubts about the law as the rollout continues.

Thirty-seven percent of the uninsured believe the healthcare law will hurt them, compared with 33 percent who believe it will help, according to a survey by CBS News and the New York Times.

Roughly one-third of the uninsured say the law will help the healthcare system overall, roughly equal to the share who say it will hurt the system.

The results echo a long list of surveys showing the Affordable Care Act remains unpopular and controversial with the public.

The law's rocky rollout has made it a difficult sell for the Obama administration, which is counting on improved enrollment figures in the first three months of 2014. 

A CBS/NYT poll from last week found that 50 percent disapprove of ObamaCare while 39 percent approve.

Uninsured people are also just as likely as the insured to express skepticism of the law, potentially signaling trouble as the enrollment period continues.