White House caps 16-day ObamaCare blitz with benefits ‘fact sheets’

The White House on Thursday released two "fact sheets" touting early ObamaCare successes, capping a 16-day media blitz intended to promote the healthcare law’s benefits.

The reports say millions of Americans have already received free preventive services, obtained coverage despite pre-existing conditions, taken advantage of the expanded access to Medicaid, benefited from the closing of Medicare’s “donut hole,” or been able to remain on their parents’ healthcare plans.

“The benefits of the healthcare law are real, and the repeal plan pushed by Republicans in Congress would undermine or eliminate them across the board, reversing critical consumer protections and driving up costs for millions of Americans,” the White House said in a statement.

One of the fact sheets broke down ObamaCare’s benefits by state, and Democratic lawmakers joined the White House push by touting success stories back home.

A top White House official and three Democratic lawmakers will also hold a conference call on Thursday to “detail the effect that the Affordable Care Act’s repeal would have throughout the country.”

The White House has struggled to spotlight what it says are the positive aspects of ObamaCare, as website problems and the administration’s questionable promises have dominated the headlines.

With the website running smoother and enrollments ticking up in November, the administration hopes it has weathered the worst of the bungled rollout.

But while polls show support for the law has gone up recently, the healthcare law remains unpopular.

According to a CBS News-New York Times poll released on Wednesday, 39 percent said they approve of the law, against 50 who disapprove. The approval rating has increased 8 points since last month.