Coburn: Republicans should focus on healthcare solutions

A key Senate Republican says his party should quit railing on ObamaCare and start talking about solutions to the healthcare problem.

Oklahoma Senator Tom CoburnThomas (Tom) Allen CoburnRepublicans in Congress shouldn't try to bring back earmarks Republicans should know reviving earmarks is a political nightmare Former GOP senator: Trump has a personality disorder MORE told "Meet The Press" host David Gregory that Republicans "ought to talk about healthcare and what we’re for instead of talking about what we’re against."

His Democratic colleague, Sen. Chuck Schumer (N.Y.), contends that the American people want lawmakers and President Obama to “fix it … we are working in the Senate to fix it … (I) urge our Republican colleagues” to work with Democrats to improve the glitch-ridden ObamaCare rollout.

But Coburn said that "you can’t fix this mess ... the insurance – indemnification industry is on its ear now."

Despite the plethora of exemptions that the president announced last week in response to the "glitches" that have plagued the rollout of his signature healthcare law, Schumer believes that the individual mandate "will" survive.

Schumer added that "six months from now people are going to see the positives" of the expansive program instead of the negatives.