Be My ... healthcare?

Be My ... healthcare?
© Organizing for Action

President Obama’s nonprofit group Organizing for Action sent supporters an email Friday encouraging them to send an “Adorable Care Act" valentine.

“Treat yourself right this Valentine’s Day. Get pamPURRED with health care,” one says, featuring a bucket of kittens.

“Remember giving out valentines in grade school?" OFA Organizing Director Sara El-Amine wrote in the email. "This is a holiday that gives us all an excuse to send cute messages to anyone we want. This year, there's no better way to let friends know you care than by sharing an Adorable Care Act valentine."

The email links to a webpage allowing people to select an e-card for Valentine's Day featuring baby animals including kittens, puppies, pandas, polar bears and badgers.

“You’re beary special to me, so please get covered!” says the polar bear card.

The campaign for the holiday is a play off of a Tumblr blog OFA runs called the “Adorable Care Act.” The blog posts photos, GIFs and memes of cute animals that promote ObamaCare.

A supporter of the president’s healthcare law created the blog, and it was later handed over to OFA.

“You're probably wondering: Is the answer to getting more Americans covered really just more pictures of kittens and pandas? I don't know, but I'm willing to find out. How about you?” El-Amine continued. “Share an Adorable Care Act message to someone you love today.”