GOP returns to ObamaCare attack

Republicans accused President Obama Saturday of repeatedly breaking promises that ObamaCare would lower healthcare costs for most people.

In the weekly GOP address, Freshman Rep. Ann Wagner (R-Mo.) cited a “quietly-released” administration report that found that 11 million people would face higher premiums because of the healthcare law.

“Not only is this another broken promise to 11 million people who will lose more of their hard-earned money,” Wagner said. “It’s another slap in the face to our already-hurting middle class.”

Republicans have kept up their steady attack on the law as the 2014 midterm elections draw closer. The House will vote next week on legislation to reduce the penalty for an individual who fails to buy health coverage this year in accordance with the law.

Obama mocked the GOP on Friday at a Democratic fundraiser for planning its 50th vote in the last three years to repeal, defund or change the law.

But Wagner challenged the president to own up to the law’s shortcomings.

“Mr. President, you owe our 11 million workers an explanation,” she said. “Are you willing to look them in the eye and say that you stand by this law? Are you willing to confess that ObamaCare is causing premiums to skyrocket while the quality of our health care is going down? And are you willing to work with us to provide real health care solutions that will lift up the American people?”

“Mr. President, we are ready,” Wagner continued. “The American people deserve better.  Our families deserve affordable and quality health care. And our children deserve a brighter future.”