Planned Parenthood launches new O-Care ads

Planned Parenthood is launching new efforts to promote ObamaCare with young women as the law's first open enrollment nears its close.

The group announced Thursday that it will air new radio ads in English and Spanish highlighting the importance of health insurance and the affordability of some options on ObamaCare's marketplaces.

The ads, which will also air on online via music streaming service Pandora, are targeting Cleveland, Ohio; and Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth, Texas.

"I’ve always known that being covered by health insurance was important," says a woman, Chenoa Elizabeth, in one of the Texas ads.

"But with changes in my life and in my job, getting affordable coverage was always a challenge. The healthcare law actually makes health insurance a lot more affordable — and thankfully Planned Parenthood helped me understand my options."

A powerful ally of the Obama administration, Planned Parenthood is one of the many outside groups campaigning for the uninsured to get covered under ObamaCare.

Organizers with Planned Parenthood are preparing to hold more than 500 enrollment events in eight states before March 31, along with sign-up drives specifically targeted at the Latino community in 15 cities, the announcement stated.

Canvassers for the group are also going door-to-door with tablets that allow people — including Spanish-speakers — to sign up for health coverage on the spot.

Planned Parenthood's close ties to the White House are controversial among conservatives because many of the group's clinics provide abortions.