Gingrich defends memo on healthcare law: 'The idea didn't work'

"Where Romney and I are different is, I concluded it doesn't work," Gingrich said Tuesday on CNN after the memo was reported. "There are a lot of details of ‘Romneycare’ that are unacceptable. And the difference between Romney and me is I've now concluded — and I'm prepared to say publicly — I've concluded, just as the Heritage Foundation did, that the idea didn't work."

"Romney's still defending the mandate that he passed," Gingrich said, referring to the requirement in Massachusetts to have insurance.  

Romney's healthcare law has been a major topic of attack by his opponents who contend that it is very similar to the healthcare law signed by President Obama. 

The former governor has said that while he supported the law for Massachusetts, it would not be right for the entire country, and has vowed to repeal Obama’s healthcare law if elected president.