Emanuel lashes out at interviewer over question on ObamaCare

Emanuel lashes out at interviewer over question on ObamaCare
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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel lashed out at an interviewer over an ObamaCare question he didn’t like.

In an interview published Monday, The New Republic’s Isaac Chotiner asked the former White House chief of staff if he wished he’d been in Washington to help fix HealthCare.gov, when the website crashed at launch.

“You gotta be kidding,” Emanuel responded. “You get a freebie question for the ridiculousness of that question.”

Chotiner followed-up by saying Emanuel has a reputation as a political fixer with competitive instincts, which might’ve made the ObamaCare website an intriguing project for him. That comment provoked Emanuel to leave his seat and walk around the office.

“That goes down as one of the more intriguing questions I have ever had. Did I wish I was in Washington to fix a website? Let me answer that. I have a single-word answer: No. Please do not edit out the sarcasm of that answer … I don’t want it to be missed on your readers,” Emanuel said.

Emanuel’s brother, Zeke Emanuel, was the special health policy adviser to the to the Office of Management and Budget during the design phase of the healthcare law.