News bites: FDA whistleblowers, Gingrich goes after in vitro clinics, and more

The Food and Drug Administration secretly monitored emails sent by its own scientists on their personal accounts after they warned Congress that the agency was approving potentially unsafe medical devices, The Washington Post reports.

The documents in a lawsuit against the FDA filed last week are available here.

Newt Gingrich on Sunday called for a commission to study the ethical issues relating to in vitro fertilization clinics, The Associated Press reports.

South Florida voters aren't big fans of President Obama's healthcare law — even though many have no idea what's in it, Kaiser Health News reports.

More than 83 percent of U.S. citizens live in urban counties and 16.7 percent in rural ones, says the CDC, with important ramifications for health policy.

President Obama's healthcare law will save states and taxpayers $17.7 billion on prescription drugs, the administration said.