Oregon gov. urges lawsuit over O-Care


Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber (D) is seeking a lawsuit against the tech company he says is responsible for problems with the state's ObamaCare insurance exchange, according to a report.

Kitzhaber, who is running for reelection, wrote to state Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum asking her to consider a lawsuit against Oracle Corp. The company helped build the website for Cover Oregon.

The site's problems proved so persistent that Oregon is planning to cede the project to federal health officials and house its marketplace at HealthCare.gov next year.

Cover Oregon remains the only exchange lacking an online portal where consumers can sign up for health plans in one sitting, according to The Associated Press.

A successful lawsuit against Oracle would presumably help recover some of the $134 million in federal funds used to build the website. if launched, it would be the first initiated against a company involved in building a botched exchange.

Oracle has said it warned the state government prior to the site's launch and does not deserve blame for the system's failures. The debacle has prompted several investigations.

In a blistering statement, it said Oregon's government badly mismanaged the project and is seeking to shift blame. 

“Contrary to the story the State is promoting, Oracle has never led the Oregon Health Exchange project," the statement said.

"OHA and Cover Oregon were in charge and badly mismanaged the project by consistently failing to deliver requirements in a timely manner and failing to staff the project with  skilled personnel," the company said. "We are proud of the work that we have done to enable over 420,000 Oregonians to enroll in health care. We look forward to an investigation that we are confident will completely exonerate Oracle.”