News bites: Ari Fleischer gave informal advice to Komen on PR

President George W. Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer gave informal guidance to Susan G. Komen on its PR strategy ahead of its decision to defund Planned Parenthood, reports Think Progress. Fleischer however says he had nothing to do with the defunding decision and that his PR firm was not involved in handling its fallout either.

Congressional rules could make it hard to use war savings to pay for a Medicare "doc fix," reports Kaiser Health News.

The Food and Drug Administration dropped its doping investigation against Lance Armstrong, ESPN reports.

Job growth in healthcare will outpace other sectors through 2020, writes Healthcare Finance News.

Blogger David Westcott writes that concerns over damage to the Susan G. Komen "brand" are superfluous.

Clarification: This post was updated at 1:15 p.m. to clarify that Ari Fleischer was not involved with Susan G. Komen's decision to defund Planned Parenthood.