Poll: RomneyCare support steady despite glitches

The Massachusetts health reform law that inspired ObamaCare remains as popular as it was in 2011, before the enrollment website ran into severe technical issues.

Sixty-three percent of Massachusetts residents support the state law, known as RomneyCare, according to a new poll from The Boston Globe and the Harvard School of Public Health.

That number has not changed in the last four years, even though the state website was overhauled to comply with ObamaCare and ran into serious problems as a result.

Only 46 percent of residents were aware of the glitches, according to the poll, which may cause the state to use HealthCare.gov next year if a software overhaul doe snot work.

Support for ObamaCare is high in Massachusetts, with 57 percent backing the law compared with roughly four in 10 nationwide in other surveys.

The poll of 506 Massachusetts adults was conducted from May 27 to June 2 and has a margin of error of 5.3 percent.