Most people satisfied with healthcare system

A new Gallup poll finds 66 percent are satisfied with how the healthcare system is working for them.

The poll finds a correlation between whether a person is insured, and whether a person is satisfied. A higher percentage of people with insurance are satisfied with the healthcare system compared to those who are unsatisfied.

Gallup has been taking the survey since mid-March on a nightly basis, and has seen only a slight change in its results, which topped out at a 70 percent satisfaction rate in mid-April after the enrollment period for ObamaCare ended.

The polling firm does not mention the new healthcare law in its survey as way of trying to be politically neutral. Still, Gallup said Democrats are more likely than Republicans to express satisfaction with the healthcare system.

Sixty-one percent of Republicans or those leaning Republican were satisfied with the system versus 75 percent of Democrats or those leaning Democratic who expressed satisfaction.