Report: Large insurers will raise premiums

Large health insurers are planning to increase their premiums for customers purchasing insurance for the second year of ObamaCare.

The Wall Street Journal analyzed data from 10 states that have completed their proposed insurance rate filings. It found that the largest health insurer in nine of the states planned to raise their premiums between 8.5 percent and 22.8 percent.

The numbers represent the average rate increase for all individual health plans offered by the carrier, the Journal said.

While the big companies are planning to raise their rates, insurers with smaller numbers of enrollees are cutting rates to try to win customers, the report said.

The states that have filed their rates include Maryland, Oregon, Michigan, Virginia, Rhode Island, Washington, Maine, Connecticut, Indiana and Vermont

Both political parties will be watching premium rates closely as the battle over ObamaCare is waged into the fall elections.

Republican critics of the law have warned that rates may increase by double digits in the 2015 enrollment period,  but Democrats say that is overblown.