NYC patient tests negative for Ebola

A patient at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital suspected of having the Ebola virus has tested negative for the deadly disease.

"The patient is in stable condition, is improving, and remains in the care of our physicians and nurses,” the hospital said in a statement Wednesday.

The unnamed man came to the hospital early Monday with fever and flu symptoms consistent with Ebola, and told doctors he had recently traveled to West Africa. He was immediately placed in isolation and underwent a battery of tests.

An outbreak of the disease in Africa has already claimed 932 lives and sparked an international effort to stop the virus from spreading.

The Obama administration has taken measures to fight the recent outbreak, including an executive order that would allow the government to quarantine people suspected of having respiratory illnesses.

The administration has said it would not be turning back flights from West Africa for fear of the disease. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has put in place measures to deny passengers showing symptoms of Ebola from boarding flights to the U.S. and is training customs agents to screen for the disease.