Massachusetts keeping state health exchange

Massachusetts is keeping its state health exchange, instead of sending its residents to HealthCare.gov.

The state’s exchange has faced severe technical problems, which led officials earlier this summer to consider abandoning it for the federal health exchange. 

However, Massachusetts officials now say the problems have been fixed and the health exchange is ready for the second round of enrollments come November.

“This decision means that the unique policies and programs that make us a national leader on access and affordability will continue and it provides the market the certainty it needs about our path forward,” said Maydad Cohen, a special assistant to Gov. Deval Patrick (D).

Cohen said the state and other stakeholders “moved mountains” to get the system working properly but notes some of the biggest challenges, such as consumer outreach and transitioning people into the exchange, are still before them.

Other state exchanges such as Cover Oregon have gone through similar technical problems and handed over responsibility of running the exchange to the federal government.