News bites: Insurer clout, birth-control backlash, and more

New health exchange regulations give insurers clout, Kaiser Health News reports.

A group of Republicans has founded a new advocacy group to fight the health law's so-called "birth control mandate" while refocusing attention on the religious-freedom aspect of the regulation, Politico reports.

A new campaign says community colleges could improve their graduation rates by helping students avoid unplanned pregnancies, Inside Higher Ed reports.

Drinking just one 12-ounce sugar-sweetened beverage a day increases heart disease risk by 20 percent for men, according to a study in the American Heart Association journal Circulation.

More and more patients are treated off-label with powerful antipsychotic drugs, The Washington Post reports.

So-called "Himalayan Viagra" is stirring violence in Nepal, reports the Center for Investigative Reporting.