Group wants Planned Parenthood declared enemy of church

A Catholic anti-abortion group wants Pope Francis to declare Planned Parenthood an “enemy of the Church.”

The American Life League (ALL), which describes itself as the largest Catholic anti-abortion group, has started a campaign called "Defend the Faith" targeting the pro-abortion rights group “as the most dangerous enemy of traditional families and of the Catholic Church.”

“Planned Parenthood has torn apart the family like a pack of ravenous wolves,” said ALL President Judie Brown. “The pro-life movement and the Church must stand together, face this threat, and shield our families from Planned Parenthood’s continued assaults."

ALL says Pope Francis should declare Planned Parenthood an adversary at the upcoming gathering of church leaders in October, known as the Synod. It says the declaration would be a “game changer” and prevent Planned Parenthood employees and volunteers from serving in positions of responsibility in parishes.

“Simply put, Catholics could no longer hide behind an uninformed conscience in order to assist or promote Planned Parenthood or its agenda and be able to continue calling themselves Catholics in good standing,” said Michael Hichborn, director of the campaign.