News bites: Insurers' plan B, AARP's Medicare fight and more

Health insurers are sketching out contingency plans in case the Supreme Court strikes down the healthcare reform law's mandate, The Wall Street Journal reports.

AARP is gearing up for a national battle to preserve Medicare as presidential candidates and congressional Republicans set their sights on overhauling the program, Kaiser Health News reports.

Women still pay more than men for the same health insurance coverage, The New York Times reports.

Five states — New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas and California — are considering suing to delay or derail the proposed merger between Pharmacy Benefit Managers Medco and Express Scripts, Bloomberg reports.

Solicitor General Donald Verrilli talks to The Washington Post ahead of his defense of the healthcare reform law before the Supreme Court next week.

Family planning centers are lagging in their adoption of electronic health records, says a new Guttmacher Institute study.