House Republican rips 'drastic' Medicare cuts in Ryan budget

Democrats have targeted McKinley's seat as a possible pickup in November, though he's favored to win reelection.

The House-passed budget, crafted by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), would partially privatize the Medicare program. Seniors could either enroll in the traditional single-payer system or receive a subsidy to help buy private insurance.

Democrats have hammered the proposal, saying it would "end Medicare as we know it." Ryan's budget last year helped bolster Democrats' hopes of regaining a House majority.

"There are aspects of the Ryan plan and other budget proposals that I like," McKinley said. "Unfortunately, the legislative process for the budget resolution does not allow us to ‘cherry pick’ the proposals that we like; it is all or nothing."

He also opposed President Obama's budget proposal, which the House unanimously rejected, and was one of four Republicans to vote against Ryan's budget last year.

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