Obama administration revamps anti-bullying effort with tips and advice

The Health and Human Services Department has revamped its StopBullying.gov web site to focus on providing information the public can use to prevent and stop bullying rather than just raising awareness.

The changes come as the issue has garnered newfound awareness thanks to the Cartoon Network's Speak Up documentary. 

The revamped site includes new tools and information about who is at risk of being bullied, how to tell if a child is bullying someone else, and concrete steps that individuals, families and communities can take to address bullying where they live, work, play and go to school.

Changes include: 

• A new map that allows viewers to see what their state and local laws are on bullying;

• An expanded section for children that features webisodes; and 

• A "Get Help" page, linked to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which allows young people to get immediate help for themselves or others if needed.

The revamped site also includes new information about cyberbullying, including information about how to report it to service providers as well as authorities.