NBC cameraman with Ebola arrives in US

The American freelance cameraman who was diagnosed with Ebola last week has arrived in the U.S. for treatment. 

The journalist, Ashoka Mukpo, will be treated at the same Nebraska hospital where an American doctor was treated for Ebola earlier this month. 

Mukpo, who was diagnosed with the disease on Thursday, is the fifth American to be infected. 

Based in West Africa for about three years, Mukpo was hired last week to join the NBC News reporting team in Liberia, led by the network's chief medical editor, Dr. Nancy Snyderman. 

Snyderman told NBC News that Mukpo is in "great spirits" and is eating and drinking on his own.

Ebola has killed more than 3,000 people across West Africa. One American is known to have died from the disease. Patrick Sawyer, who served as a government official in Nigeria, died July 25.

The U.S. reported its first case of Ebola last week. The patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, is now in critical condition in a Dallas hospital.