News bites: Five California hospitals found with high per-patient Medicare bills and more

Kaiser Health News ranked the top 10 hospitals where patients cost Medicare the most, and five of the 10 are in southern California. Read more here.

The FDA issued a warning on a controversial treatment for MS known as "liberation therapy," HealthDay reports.

A whooping-cough outbreak in Washington state is the worst in decades, The Associated Press reports.

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) removed a member of a state health board after she appeared in an industry-funded ad against a tobacco hike. Brown also removed five other appointees of his predecessor, Arnold Schwarzenegger (R). The Sacramento Bee has the story.

A Kansas bill that would use the tax code to bar state employees from performing abortions has hit a roadblock, The Kansas City Star reports.

Many women still smoke during pregnancy, researchers found this week. Read more at HealthDay.